About Us

Convenience food has a pretty bad rap… deservedly so for the most part But, convenient food can be healthy, delicious and interesting.

At least that’s what we believe at Wasabi Monkey.

The team who built Wasabi Monkey have travelled, worked and eaten (although not necessarily in that order of priority ) around the world to bring some innovative thinking to your eating day. We think we’ve taken the best of the traditional approach to Japanese cuisine, mixed it with some fresh ideas about health and wellbeing, and rolled it all up in a fun-loving and irreverent approach to food.

Put simply, the heart of Wasabi Monkey is a desire to provide a healthy, easy and fun food experience that that delivers every time.

And whilst we don't take ourselves too seriously, we never compromise on the quality of our produce or the professionalism of our service.

So, for a cheeky, healthy and delicious food experience that will leave you feeling a little bit better about your day, come and check out Wasabi Monkey!